Infant Gum Gel

Cool, soothe and protect gums with our great tasting, lidocaine-free Infant Gum Gel.

  • Ease discomfort
  • Sugar-free
  • Use from birth
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Dentinox Infant Gum Gel



If your baby is having teething troubles which lead to sleepless nights and fidgety feeding, rub a bit of our Infant Gum Gel on their gums.

You can use our Infant Gum Gel from birth. Because it’s suitable from birth, you can use Dentinox with peace of mind – no matter how soon your baby starts teething.

How to use

Three simple steps

Squeeze a pea sized amount on a clean finger or cotton pad.

Rub gently onto your baby's gum.

Repeat after 20 minutes, if needed. Use when necessary whilst your baby is teething.

If you have any questions about using Infant Gum Gel, talk to your health visitor, pharmacist or doctor.

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Teething advice

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What else can I try?

You can give your baby something firm to chew on. We recommend a teething ring that can be cooled in the fridge.

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